GitLab leverages Akismet to protect against spam. Currently GitLab uses Akismet to prevent users who are not members of a project from creating spam via the GitLab API. Detected spam will be rejected, and an entry in the "Spam Log" section in the Admin page will be created.

Privacy note: GitLab submits the user's IP and user agent to Akismet. Note that adding a user to a project will disable the Akismet check and prevent this from happening.


To use Akismet:

  1. Go to the URL: https://akismet.com/account/

  2. Sign-in or create a new account.

  3. Click on "Show" to reveal the API key.

  4. Go to Applications Settings on Admin Area (admin/application_settings)

  5. Check the Enable Akismet checkbox

  6. Fill in the API key from step 3.

  7. Save the configuration.

Screenshot of Akismet settings